What’s in my birth center bag?

I will have a few different things in my bag, that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily need to go to the hospital, but since I’m giving birth in a free standing birth center, this is what was recommended to bring, along with a few things that I thought would be good to bring. Things to keep in mind, I may seem like I haven’t brought enough of something, but I’ll only be in the birth center for 6-8 hours after our daughter is born.

Babies and Daddy’s bag:

Since they both have less stuff than I’ll have, I’m putting their stuff in the same bag.

For baby:

3 preemie newborn onesies

2 regular newborn onesies

1 0-3 month onesie(not pictured)

A newborn dress, for her to come home in.

One pair of socks

4 hats, in varying sizes

8 newborn diapers

5-6 size 1 diapers

Baby wipes

2 blankets (not pictured)

Nursing pillow (not pictured)

Daddy’s stuff:

Swim trunks

A change of clothes




Phone and charger

Mommy’s bag:

For laboring:
2 sports bras

A robe


Essential oils and a diffuser


Maxi pads

Breast pads



Shampoo/ conditioner

Hair ties


Granny panties(not pictured)

Coming home:

Maxi skirt (I’ve been told wearing a skirt is more comfortable)

Sports bra


Flip flops(not pictured)


Phone and charger

Snacks(not pictured)

For snacks, I plan to buy some that are high in protein, and some that are a little more bland in taste. 


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