DIY Padsicles

Why bother making padsicles?

Let’s go on a journey together… You’re laying in the hospital, birthing center, or the comfort of your own home, preparing to push a baby out of your vagina. Yes, you’re 10 centimeters dilated, but your baby’s head is gonna be bigger than that hole it’s coming out of. So even if you don’t tear, or wind up with an episiotomy, your lady bits are gonna sore, and you’re going to be bleeding a lot. So wouldn’t something to catch all of that blood, and sooth the area down there sound nice? Well, that’s where a padsicle would come in handy.

See, all a padsicle is, is a frozen pad. So you get some comfort, something to help with the swelling, and something to catch all the blood.

Here’s how:

What you need:

Aloe vera gel

Witch Hazel

Lavender essential oil(I can’t​ use this, as I’m allergic, so you don’t have to use it either.)

Maxi Pads(Overnight, with wings are best.)

Freezer bags



Open up the pad, very carefully, trying not to tear the package. Lay the pad open and use something to keep it open, I just used my other ingredients to do that. Save the wrappers from the inside as well, you’ll need those later.

Next, apply the aloe liberally to the pad, not just in one spot, but all over. 

Then, Apply about 1-2 teaspoons of witch hazel, and rub that in with a spoon.

At this point, if you want you can add a few drops of lavender, like 3-5 drops all over the pad. 

After this, you can put the wrappers back on the wings, and then wrap back up your pad. 

Finally, put your pads in a freezer bag, and put them in the freezer for after the birth of your little one.

Now you will have something that will make postpartum just a little bit easier.


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