Second Trimester: Pros and Cons

The second trimester… Definitely was easier in the regard, that I could mostly eat again. Not so easy in other areas, let’s walk through some.

I’m gonna start with the cons first.

Oh, my goodness the heartburn has been awful. At times, it feels as if I’ve swallowed the sun, and it didn’t sit well, and it’s trying to get out. And that’s putting it lightly.

The only think that has helped even kinda relieve it has been papaya, and almond milk. 

Oh, and you want to know what the worst thing to give me heartburn has been? Not spicy food, no, but milk and ice cream, yeah, the thing that everyone suggests you try to get rid of it.

Gag Reflex:

I have a bad gag reflex anyway, but it has gotten significantly worse with each passing day. I can only brush my teeth at night, and I have to be careful, so I don’t get sick and throw up. 

As a result of this, I have pregnancy gingivitis. Which is very annoying, but working on making it better.


I’m not so sure it’s a con, considering if I hadn’t fallen, some of the things I experienced from it, probably wouldn’t have happened, but I’m gonna add it anyway.

My husband and I had just moved, and our new place has stairs. I was literally on the bottom step and fell. I still don’t know what happened. I grabbed the railing and pulled up, which I learned later was not the best thing I could’ve done.

A couple days later, I was in agonizing pain. My hips were out, my shoulder was a terrible mess, because of the fall, and was literally on tears because of it. 

So my advice to you: don’t fall while pregnant, it’s not a good idea.

Sleepless nights:

This one kinda goes hand in hand with the heartburn, but definitely been having a more difficult time sleeping at night.

From the growing belly, round ligament pain, restless legs, and lag cramps, sleeping is just not happening.


Sex of the baby:

This has definitely been the highlight of this trimester. Finding out we are having a little girl was so amazing. She moves so much, and is already loved so much.

Feeling baby:

I have been feeling our little one since the first trimester, but now the movement is so much stronger. And she really loves when her daddy touches me, she gets all content and moves, and just loves him. 

Seeing baby move:

For weeks now, I have been seeing the baby move from the outside for weeks. It is the most weirdly amazing thing I have ever seen. Every time she moves now, my whole stomach moves.

4D ultrasound:

We got to see her features. The 4D ultrasounds are out of this world. You can see so much. And we even got to see some of what her little personality will be. She stuck her tongue out at us, and then she crinkled up her nose and got mad. Below I have added a picture of the ultrasound.

So here were my pros and cons. It’s definitely been a better trimester. I only have a few months left now, and we can wait to meet our little girl. 


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