Henna VS. Commercial Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Before I begin this blog post, I just wanted to say that this post is simply just what I have found, and is not to be taken as an “an everyone must do this, or that…” Type thing. As with anything, this is your choice to dye YOUR hair, and I am not going to criticize anyone who does or doesn’t. -End of disclaimer 
Like most women, as a teenager, I wanted to experiment with my hair. So, yes, I’ve dyed my hair. The first time I dyed my hair, I was about 15 or 16, and it was with henna. Which made my hair super soft, and didn’t damage my hair, and turned it a really pretty black color. And it lasted about 6-8 weeks. The next time I dyed my hair was with commercial hair dye, I was almost 18, I think. I dyed it red, like very red. I did not bleach my hair before hand, and I loved the color. But I did notice that no matter what I did, I could not get rid of the red dye. And it had seriously fried my hair. It has now taken over a year to remove the red dye from my hair, the initial removal included 5 hours of striping and re coloring my hair (the person who did all of that is seriously a life saver, and did amazing not damaging my hair more), and then a few months later, cutting my hair to get what little red was still left out. 

But, since I got pregnant, it has been on my mind, women who dye their hair while they are pregnant, is there a better, more natural way to do it?

Here are the facts:


Like I stated above I have used henna in the past to dye my hair. What I know about henna without doing much research on it: It’s a plant based product used to dye hair and skin. Pregnant woman use it often on their bellies, during maternity pictures. And it’s used in weddings. After doing a search, one of the first things I found was this, “Natural henna, derived solely from the plant, and with no added chemicals, is safe to use on your hair or on your skin. This type of henna is brown, and is harmless. It’s often suggested as an alternative if you want to avoid chemical hair dyes while you’re pregnant.” 

The key words I picked out of this were, “derived SOLELY from the plant, and with no added chemicals.” 

For now, we’ll just let that sink in, and we’ll move on.

Commercial hair dye:

Also having used this, I know what it did to my hair. I also know that they smell of harsh chemicals, ones that if you have a chemical sensitivity, would probably cause you issues. I also know, that before using a commercial hair dye, you are supposed to check to make sure you’re not allergic to it, same with henna, but for different reasons. After a quick search, here is what I found: ”

Toxic chemicals and compounds such as resorcinol, paraphenylene-diamine (PPD) and coal tar dyes have all been identified as carcinogenic and mutagenic, and can cause a breakdown of the hair shaft. For a woman who is pregnant, the effects may be even more devastating — it could be harmful to the baby”

Again, I will just let this sink in, and I’ll move onto my final thought.

Final thoughts:

What I would like to ask every pregnant women out there is this, Is the risk of harm to baby so low, that I would decide to sit and put chemicals or any hair dye on my body, so I can look pretty? Like I said before, I’m not judging anyone, I’m just asking you to think about it, and not just take the word of your doctor, that it’s safe. Research please. 

Personally, I will not be dying my hair while pregnant, not because of the reasons above, but simply because my hair needs a break. 

And remember this: whatever you put on your body, WILL affect your baby, whether in a big or small way.


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