First Trimester: Pros and Cons

How Is It? 

A Note: If you are pregnant, I highly recommend the ovia app, it’s great, and gives you day by day updates on your baby. 
You hear women talk about their pregnancies, and usually the first trimester is no fun. Well, you’re going to hear that again from me. 

Everything from aches, pains, migraines, food aversions, constipation, diarrhea, and throwing up. Now let’s start with the least offender, if that’s even possible.

Food Aversions 

Now, normally I wouldn’t think to put this one as the easiest to deal with because I would think that food aversion = vomit. But I’ve found that if I just didn’t think about those things, or if I stay away from smells that made me sick (harder than you think), then I was fine. 

Now that’s not saying that it was super easy. I remember at one point, smelling peanut butter, which I usually love, and literally talking myself out of puking, which worked, but barely, as I was in a confined space with it. 


Yep, diarrhea is not up there as the worst. Why? Because as a general rule, I’ve dealt with that my entire life, stomach, and gallbladder issues are to blame. Still not pleasant, but easy enough for me to deal with. 

Aches, Pains, and Migraines 

I tell you what, I have never experienced such bad pains, in my arms and legs as I have during this first trimester. Not being able to sleep during these pains were the absolute worst.

And migraines, until I got pregnant I had only ever had one migraine in my entire life, which was after I had my wisdom teeth removed, when I was 18. And that was nothing compared to what I’m getting now. I can’t take any medication because what I’m approved to take while pregnant I’m allergic to. My husband literally came home after work one night to me in a puddle of tears because it hurt so bad, it was making me sick, and I couldn’t sleep. I hope I don’t keep them.


Yeah, constipation is my second to last thing, it has been really bad. And like I said above, I’m used to diarrhea, not so used to constipation. I guess I better get used to the fact, that hemorrhoids will probably happen at some point in this pregnancy. Oh, goody. 

Throwing Up

Now for the very last one. Morning sickness. And by the way, just so you’re aware, they might call it “morning sickness” but it tends to last all day, everyday, for weeks. And don’t go trying to compare it to the flu, if you’ve never had morning sickness. It is NOTHING like the flu. You wake up in the morning and the very first breath you take, you can feel the vomit coming, and before you can get anything in your stomach that is mild enough to keep down, up comes bile, why, because you have nothing in your stomach. Trust me, if you are oh so lucky not to get morning sickness, treasure it for those of us who have had to endure it for months on end. 


There aren’t too many that I can think of during this time, but I do have a few, here’s a list: 

Finding out you’re pregnant.

The first ultrasound, and hearing the heartbeat for the first time.

No need for birth control.

I felt my baby for the first time, no it wasn’t gas. 

Going into the second trimester.


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