How I Found Out I’m Pregnant

Pregnancy. For thousands of years women have gotten pregnant and then months later given birth to a little human being. Well, some weeks ago I found out that I have become one of those women. In June of 2017 I will have a baby.

How I found out:

In early to mid October I started to experience what felt like period cramps. I was talking to my husband, and then got up to go to the kitchen, and collapsed into the floor. The pain was far more excruciating than I can even explain. I could not even get off the floor. My husband comes to my aid, and sits on the floor with me. After about five minutes the pain totally goes, like it was never there at all. But I told my husband that if it got that bad again I would go to the hospital. For the rest of the day the pain came and went, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

As it started to become evening time the pain was getting worse every time it came. So I told my husband I needed to go to the ER, but before we went I wanted to take a pregnancy test(since my periods had been coming every 35 days, I wasn’t technically late for my period), because that’s always the first thing they ask. And then surprisingly, I was pregnant. Those two pink lines showed up fast.

I became very concerned, I was having pain that was crippling me, and I was pregnant. So to the E.R we went. The Doctor confirmed the pregnancy, but was also concerned about the pain. He said my HCG levels were only about 350, and with me having been on birth control that messed up when I was ovulating and getting my period, he wanted an OBGYN to check for a tubal(because of the pain), and to make sure I was as early as the HCG level seemed to indicate.

The next day I went to the OBGYN, he was nice, and he did a vaginal ultrasound to check for tubal, there wasn’t one, and he also checked for ovarian cysts while he was doing the ultrasound because of my history, there was none. But he had noticed that my right ovary was very much hurting me every time it got touched.

He wanted me to come back in three days to have my HCG rechecked, he was expecting the numbers to only double. My numbers went from 350 to over 4,300 in just a few days. So everything was healthy, and the pain was now gone.


I’m 11 weeks pregnant. I’m now going to a midwife, where I intend to do a natural unmedicated birth at a birthing center. I saw my baby and heard the heartbeat for the first time a couple weeks ago, it was the most amazing thing. The heartbeat was fast, 177. And my midwife checked me to make sure I could do a vaginal birth. Everything is all in the clear, and Jellybean is growing great.


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