Reproductive Issues

Period Talk

I’m about to get real comfortable with y’all, so hold on. When I was 14 I started my period for the first time. Yes, I know 14 is kinda late to get your first period, but I was okay with it. I never had that known period of time where your body is supposed to regulate, I never did the thing where I would maybe not get a period one month, and then get two the next. Actually from the time I started my period, I got one every month, I never had to guess when it was going to be, from the very first time. So I guess that was good. I also had very light periods, and when I say light, I mean I mostly only used pantie liners for the first year of my period, unless I was in school, then I used a normal pad. And I know what you’re thinking right now, “Wow, this girl had is really easy.” Well think again, every time I had a period, I would be in excruciating pain. Pain that was so bad, I was doubled over.  I would have to miss school, and I would be horrifically sick.

For a while we thought that maybe I was just one of those women that just has really bad cramps, so I learned to deal with it, well kinda. Then when I was 18, we found out the reason for my pain.

I had stayed a friends house the night before, knowing I was about to start my period. But I really wanted to see this movie that had just come out. So a few of us girls went to go see it. We came back to my friends house, and went to bed, nothing out of the ordinary. Then next morning when I wake up I notice that I am having cramps, they weren’t bad yet, and yes, I had started my period. So to try to relieve the pain, I took some pain reliever, and tried to push through. I went pretty much that entire morning feeling very sick and out of it. And my cramps were progressively getting worse and worse. Fast forward a little bit, I’m with my parents, in a public place. And the cramps are still getting worse. By this point the cramps I’m feeling are like nothing I have felt before. So I go tell my mom that I’m going to wait outside, because I really don’t feel good and want to lay down, and I told her I didn’t need her. I make it mostly outside, and realize I need to turn around because I can feel a wave hit me. I was ready to pass out. I barely make it inside and mumble the words, “Get my mom.” Her and another friend quickly get me to the bathroom, and I then proceed to throw up. The pain was far more than I could bare at this point. The friend convinces both me and my parents to take me to the hospital.

Upon arrival I tell the doctors what’s wrong, and they immediately think I’m pregnant( I was a virgin), and do a pregnancy test. Which obviously came back negative. Then the doctor decides that it must be my appendix since I’m in so much pain, which it wasn’t. At this point I have been in the hospital for a few hours, still in pain, and the doctor not getting anywhere. Then the doctor walks in with the biggest smile on his face, and says, “It’s good news, you only ruptured an ovarian cyst.” I don’t know about you, but typically if something ruptures, that’s not a good thing. Anyway, that’s all he had to say, and he sent me home, still in pain, and he really didn’t do much to help me otherwise.

But that’s how I found out I have ovarian cysts. I’ve had several others rupture since then, but nothing as bad as that time.

Birth Control

In March of this year I got married, which meant I was going to need to start birth control. So I did. In February I started the depo provera shot, which seemed like the best choice since I didn’t have to remember to take it everyday. Boy was I wrong. I’m NEVER going to take it again, not even if it was the last form of birth control out there. It messed my body up so bad. I started having really bad pain from it pretty fast after I got it. I had issues walking, and at one point I had a three week period, that was so heavy that I was bleeding through two to three thick pads in about an hour. Yeah, and for someone that had never really had a heavy period, this was really bad.

At one point during this three week time frame, I wound up in some severe pain, pretty comparable to the pain from a cyst when I was 18. So I call my husband home from work, and he takes me to the hospital, where I was treated like I was completely nuts. I told them my symptoms, told them I had a history of ovarian cysts, and they took me back to the E.R. The doctor walks in, I tell him everything I just told the triage nurse. And he begins to push on my stomach, and do that normal thing. Then he asks me when the last time I had pooped was, which with my digestive system, is pretty much everyday. And I had gone that day, I mean I was on my period. He walks out, they do blood work, ex-rays, and other tests. The doctor comes back in, and tell me I’m constipated. After I had just only a few hours earlier told him I had been pooping. So I ask him a question about one of my symptoms, and he tell me that they can’t answer that in the E.R. Why in the world are there Emergency Rooms then? So you can just tell people they are constipated.

Well, a few days later I had an appointment with my Gyno, so I requested my records from the night I went to the hospital. She looks at them, and then proceeds to tell me that my records show that I have an infection, and I was dehydrated. So constipation was not what was wrong. Anyway my Gyno got me all better. Oh, the infection, was an infection um, down there, that was caused from my birth control.

Everything is mostly fine now, I still have times-+ where I am in some pretty bad pain from the infection, but everyday it’s getting better. I just thought I would share with you some of my journey.

DISCLAIMER: Please talk to your doctor before you start birth control, and please don’t let my experience with depo turn you away from it, because it might work for you. I was just allergic to it, is why it caused those issues.




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