A little more about me

Back To The Beginning

I know, you’re probably thinking why do you need to know more about me, we already know she’s going to be a doula, and that she has a big family, what else do we need to know? Well, the answer to that question is, you have much much more to learn. And yes, most of which you will learn through the progression of my blog posts, but I figured I would let you in on some stuff that you may not learn by simply just reading my blog posts. So for that, let’s go back to the beginning.


I was born in late March of 1996, I was born early. As to how early I was, it’s not super clear, because they never could get my due date right when my mother was pregnant with me, but I was anywhere from four to six weeks early. So like most babies that are born early, I had my issues, some of which I still struggle with today, but we’ll get into that later. I had some stomach problems, and I could not suck, so that meant feeding me was going to be interesting. I did eventually get to the point where I could suck, but it took some time. But my stomach issues are still a constant struggle.

First Little Sister:

In March of 1998 I became a big sister for the FIRST time, little did I know that title would soon turn out to be more than just big sister. My little sister was a very loud baby, and I was used to for almost two years it just being me and my parents. I actually got so mad, that I packed all of her stuff up, and wanted to take her back to the hospital. Of course now, I’m not going to take her back, I love my sister. But that doesn’t mean she’s still not loud, and very talkative.

First BIG Move:

By the time I was four, we had moved several times, but this move turned out to be the first big one. This was in 2000. By this point my great great grandmother, who lived with us, had died, and my Mom was again pregnant, and with another girl. We moved to Florida, where my mom had her first home birth, with the above mentioned second little sister. This is where the interaction with the midwives came into play. I do remember parts of my moms labor and delivery with my little sister, but it was more the way they treated me that I remember the most during that first home birth.

Finally A Little Brother:

By this point I had pretty much become the master at the whole big sister thing, and being told that my mom was pregnant again, wasn’t super shocking. My mom did not find out the gender of the baby, until he was born. Again she had him at home in Florida, with midwives. My little brother was very big, at nearly ten pounds, his head being most of that. But he was a healthy, happy, little chubster. And he stayed chubby and cute until he turned thirteen. Now, at only fourteen, he’s six foot one inch, and is not chubby any more.

Baby Sister:

My mom was pregnant…. Again!!! I was now completely used to just having a ton of children around, and being my moms super helper. My baby sister was born at home again, in Florida, with the same midwives that had delivered my other two siblings. After being born for just a few hours, it became very clear that she wanted to do things her way, and no one was going to stop her. And even now, at almost thirteen, she’s still that way.

Baby Brother:

This was the last time my mom became pregnant. And yes, you are counting right, this was baby number six. I was no longer just a big sister, I was the oldest of six children. And trust me, I really had to learn to own that title. We moved back to Tennessee, where my mom delivered my baby brother.

Smallest School:

We have now been back in Tennessee for about 12 years now. And in that time period, myself, and two of my sisters have graduated from high school. But before all of that, we moved a lot once we came back. I was in many different schools, most of which we didn’t stay at too long. Then, when I was in the 3rd grade, we finally found a place to call home for more than just a few months, actually, my parents have lived in the same county for 11 years now. The county we moved to was, well, very small. So small in fact, that the school that I went to for the remainder of my public school days, at the most only had 35 students kindergarten through 8th grade. Yes, you did just read that right. 35 students. 4 classrooms, 3 teachers, and the principal, who also taught 4th-8th grade. And the library was in the cafeteria. I am very grateful that I was able to attend to what was once the smallest public school in the state of Tennessee. I graduated 8th grade, in 2011, and my graduating class was only three students, which was actually an average sized class.

Home School:

After graduating from 8th grade my mom enrolled me in home school. This is where I did my high school courses. I home schooled for only a year and a half before I finished my book work. I graduated in May of 2013, at just over 17 years old. And now, all of my younger siblings that are still in school, are being home schooled through this program. One of my younger sisters just graduated from high school in May, she’s only 15.

My Husband:

5 years ago, I met my husband. But actually, we didn’t even become close friends until about 2 years ago. We got close while we were doing our Bible teaching work. Our relationship to say the least, is well, unique. We’re two odd balls, that somehow found each other, and our oddness works well with the other. We dated for about 5 or 6 six weeks, and then he proposed to me. He pulled it off great. And then, on March 18, 2016 we got married, at the same park where he proposed to me. It was a great day, the sky was beautiful, everything was beginning to bloom, and the best of all, I married my best friend.

And now, I sit here, at my kitchen table, while dinner is in the oven, waiting for my husband to get home. And I’m also proof reading my writing.

To each of you: Have a good night, sleep well, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.


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