I know what I want to be when I grow up!

From the time we are children in kindergarten, we are asked the age old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I know for many it is the typical teacher, astronaut, chef, etc. Me I was in that teacher category, see I was so unoriginal. Then as you get a little older that career path changes. I remember being fresh out of middle school, fixing to enter high school, and I just knew I was going to be a writer. And I while I still love what teachers do for their students, and I still do love to write, it’s not what I want to be when I grow up anymore. More than anything I want to reach that goal of being a doula.

Why I chose to pursue being a doula.

I am twenty now, and I share in a full time bible teaching work. And while I have no intentions on quitting that, I wanted to learn a trade. But not just some random trade that every person does, so they can say they learned it, and never use it. I wanted to be able to use my trade. And I wanted to love it.

For a little while I looked into pursuing photography, because besides for writing, it was my passion. And I was all ready to do it. I was even looking into schools where I could learn more. And then one day, for reasons I can’t even remember, I stopped picking up my camera as much. I stopped just wandering into the woods near my house to take random pictures of random things. And then, just like that I stopped looking into schools for learning that trade.

Then I few months ago, some things came up in my husband and I’s life that made me think about some things. Some of those things being children. Both of us would like to have children, but right now we choose to wait. But it got me thinking on things that I could do with my life that were either in the child care field, or something similar. And that’s when I thought about being a doula. I have seen some great doula’s and they are always so helpful to the mothers, and if the mothers happen to have other children, they treat them great as well.

So basically it was the actions of others that made me decide. I would also like to thank my mother. Why? Because she has six(me being the oldest) kids and she had three at home. All three which I had the opportunity to see, and see what happens immediately after the baby is born. Now, granted I was very young when two of the three were born, but that’s still not something that you forget. And because of seeing that, it makes me all the more so excited to be a doula, so I can help women like my mother when they are in labor. A huge thank you to the midwives that helped my mom too. Y’all were amazing, and even with nosey me poking around, and I remember y’all being great.

Thank you to my Aunt for letting me use the picture up top, of my newest little cousin, and myself.

One last thank you to my amazing husband, for being so supportive of me during this, and being right by my side. I love you babe.




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